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Getting Started

Welcome to the API Developer Portal. This is where you can easily and seamlessly integrate our APIs into your business. They have been designed to accelerate development and increase reusability for cross-platform communication. The API developer portal contains a wealth of information about our business ready APIs. Take some time familiarizing yourself with the portal before starting to build your own apps.

Why are APIs good for business?

Many businesses already build software and tools that rely on pulling data from open APIs as a new and better way to streamline their process. Having access to APIs enables programmers to build amazing tools that can change and improve the way your products and services are delivered. Even better, by integrating APIs that have already been built, you are saving time and money by avoiding the chaos of getting the data from a different platform.

Steps to creating and registering an app

  1. Browse our API catalogue and learn a bit about each one before choosing the ones that are best for you.
  2. Choose your APIs – they're free!
  3. Register to get a key that will give you access to the API.
  4. Test out different parameters in order to get exactly what you want in your Resource URL.
  5. Choose the product that fits the scope of your API.
  6. Congrats, you can start building now!

How to use sandbox

  1. Register and login with RBC Developers.
  2. Go to "My Apps" or "Build" and Create new app.
  3. Select "Sandbox" as your product and create an app that will be used for Sandbox purposes.
  4. Navigate to the API you would like to test out.
  5. Fill in all the request parameters.
  6. For Authorization header use the formatted credentials from your Sandbox App.
  7. Click on "Send Request" to see the response.

Application IDs and Tokens

App Parameter Description
consumer_key The consumer_key identifies your application and is meant to be used as your unique username.
consumer_secret The consumer_secret is your application's password, so protect it like you would any password.

Steps to create Authorization Header

  1. Register and login to RBC Developers.
  2. Fetch and concatenate the consumer key and consumer secret of your Sandbox app, separated with a colon. : e.g., User1:password123
  3. Encode the concatenated string to base 64 . e.g., VXNlcjE6cGFzc3dvcmQxMjM=
  4. Authorization header format : Basicencoded key e.g., Basic VXNlcjE6cGFzc3dvcmQxMjM=